About Us

We are We have been in the classic car restoration business for over 30 years and through those 30+ years of restorations we have found that there are various degrees of quality available in suspension and steering parts. When we started we promised ourselves that we would always supply only the top quality parts available and we guarantee that we will take no shortcuts when it comes to quality. We sell suspension parts for American-made classic cars, muscle cars, and pickups from the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's. We can sell you one part or a complete suspension rebuild kit -- the complete kits are our specialty!

As most car people are aware, the majority of the major manufacturers have taken their design and manufacturing processes overseas during the last two decades. Even though there are very few suspension, steering, or chassis parts manufactured in the United States today, please rest assured that will continue to handle only products that meet or exceed all Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M.) specifications. 

Because we are car enthusiasts ourselves with, again, over 30 years in the car restoration business, we will continue to add to our product lines and to provide you with the very best chassis parts available at the very best prices you can find...we are the professionals!

Andersen Restorations is not sponsored by, associated with, or affiliated with and or Original Parts Group, Inc.



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