Classic Car Garage Setup: Temperature, Cleaning, Outlets

Classic Car Garage Setup: Temperature, Cleaning, Outlets

Posted by Anderson Restoration Parts on 5th May 2023

There are a few important parts of restoring and caring for any classic car you own, and one of these that should never be ignored is the primary location for this vehicle, typically a garage space. There are a number of things to consider as you set up your garage for any classic car, from the tools and parts you keep handy to the light you let in and many more.

At Andersen Restoration Parts, we're here to offer the widest selection of classic car restoration parts, from suspension kits and idler arms to control arm shafts, center links and numerous others. In this two-part blog series, we'll go through all the important things to be thinking about as you set up your garage for classic car storage and care - while certain elements here may vary slightly depending on your vehicle(s) and your needs, these are a good baseline with which to get started.

Temperature Control

While there's definitely no need to temperature control a classic car garage in the same way as you would inside your home, it's important to keep your vehicle from extreme temperatures - like particularly cold or hot ones - which can cause damage over time. Consider insulating the garage well, if possible - you might also install a basic temperature-controlled system inside to help regulate things.

This is because these kinds of extreme temperatures can cause the metal and plastic of your car to expand or contract, leading to issues with vehicle performance. Additionally, moisture is always bad for classic cars due to causing rust damage - so it's important to keep the garage as dry as possible.

Ease of Cleaning

One major thing to consider when setting up your classic car garage is ease of cleaning. While it's not as important for a home garage as an actual showroom, you still want the area to look and feel good - with clean floors and organized tools that make performing repairs easy.

Additionally, it's important to keep the dust out of your car itself - if you're using a garage that doesn't have airtight doors, consider investing in some dust covers for the car when it's not being used to keep dirt and other particles off of it.

Outlet Accessibility

Another key consideration when setting up your classic car garage is outlet accessibility. You'll want to think about the type of outlets installed, such as if they're GFCI- or three-pronged ones, and how many - you may need several for larger projects. Additionally, make sure all sockets are located at comfortable heights for easy plugging in and unplugging of tools.

If you don't have enough outlets, consider installing more - it's a relatively easy process and will make working on your classic car that much easier.

Consider an In-Floor Drain

Especially if you know you'll regularly be washing your classic car in the garage, you may want to consider installing an in-floor drain. This is a great way to contain messes while still easily disposing of any water or other liquid debris produced by cleaning and restorative projects.

As you're thinking about which sort of drain or sump pump to install, make sure you look into the local requirements - often, these come with certain installation codes that need to be followed. You should also be aware of the drainage capacity of any system you install, as this will be key for long-term use.

Theft Prevention and Security

Many classic cars have very high values, and as such, you'll want to be sure your garage is setup for proper theft prevention. Install a good security system or camera system, and consider getting an additional lock for the garage door if possible - also, make sure all windows are secure.

If you plan on keeping any expensive tools in the garage as well, think about setting up a steel cabinet with a lock to store them in - this way, you know they'll be safe when you're away from the house. You might also look into things like motion-activated lights, which can help scare off potential burglars. By following these tips, you should be able create a comfortable and secure environment your classic car - one that it's safe from natural elements and possible theft. The time you invest now in setting up this space will definitely pay off in the long run as your vehicle remains protected and looking beautiful.

In part two of our series, we'll look further into how to set up your garage for proper storage and care of any classic car. For more here, or to learn about any of our restoration parts and equipment, speak to our team at Andersen Restoration Parts today.