Protecting Your Valuables in a Classic Car

Protecting Your Valuables in a Classic Car

Posted by Anderson Restoration Parts on 2nd Jun 2023

Protecting our valuables left in a vehicle is naturally important for any car, and this can be a bit more of a nuanced challenge with classic cars compared to modern vehicles. Due to older components and many vehicles that simply lacked the kind of security measures today's cars come with, you may have to think about a few additional things when it comes to ensuring your valuables are never at-risk in a classic car.

At Andersen Restoration Parts, we're here to help clients with a wide range of classic car restoration parts and needs, from idler arms to ball joint sets, suspension kits and numerous others. Whether you're taking it to car shows, events or even just out as your regular vehicle, here are some simple tips for protecting your valuables and ensuring they're never at risk of being stolen or burglarized.

Why Classic Cars Are at Higher Risk

There are actually a few reasons why you may have to think a bit more closely about protecting your valuables when leaving a classic car unattended:

  • They draw more attention: Simply put, classic cars tend to draw more attention and interest than most modern vehicles. Whether it's due to their stylish designs, rare components or other factors, classic cars are often seen as more desirable targets for theft or burglary.
  • Lack of modern security features: Most classic cars were built before many of the advanced security features found in today's vehicles, like alarm systems, immobilizer chips, steering wheel locks and more. This means they may be easier to break into or steal if valuables are left in plain view.
  • Possible worn-down components: Another factor is that classic car locks, windows and other components may be worn down or damaged over time. While you've likely replaced or restored many components, any weaknesses can make it more feasible for a thief to gain access to the vehicle and anything inside.

Certain Valuables Are Best Left Elsewhere

While the rest of this blog will go over some robust ways to protect valuables in a classic car, the reality remains that these methods can only go so far. Certain valuables, like expensive electronics, jewelry, cash and more, are simply best left elsewhere and not in the vehicle at all if possible. If you must leave these types of valuables in the car, take them with you whenever possible and never leave them in plain view.

That said, here are some tips for how to protect any valuables you do leave in your classic vehicle.

Replace Locks

For many classic vehicles, one of the first components that tends to wear down is the locks. Replacing the locks on all doors, as well as the trunk, is a worthwhile investment to help prevent them from being easily broken or picked.

As you're looking for replacement locks, consider getting ones with added security like double-sided locks or those requiring a special key code.

Install an Alarm System

While most classic cars didn't come with alarm systems, installing one is a great way to deter thieves and alert you to any break-in attempts. There are classic car alarm systems available that are designed to integrate with your vehicle's components while still providing robust security features.

One important note is to avoid leaving any valuables in plain view even with an alarm system, as this may not deter all thieves and could lead to a smashed window or other damage if they're determined to get inside.

Park in Well-Lit, High-Traffic Areas

Whenever possible, park your classic car in well-lit, high-traffic areas. Thieves tend to target vehicles that are in dark, secluded parking lots or on deserted streets where they're less likely to be seen or caught. If you can't park in a garage, choose the most populated and well-lit spot you can to lower the risks of theft or break-ins.

For instance, park near building entrances or in lots with surveillance cameras whenever feasible.

Window Protection

Another tip is to invest in additional window protection for your classic car. Whether it's installing additional locks on windows or using a window protection film, this makes it more difficult for thieves to break windows to gain access or see inside.

There are also hidden storage options you can use, like a lockbox secured under a seat or in the trunk, to keep smaller valuables out of sight. Using a car cover when the vehicle is left unattended can also help prevent thieves from being able to see inside or determine if valuables are present.

With all of these tips in mind, you can take proactive steps to reduce the risk of theft or break-ins with your classic car. While keeping valuables elsewhere when possible is ideal, taking the time to invest in upgraded security features and being mindful of where you park can provide added peace of mind.

For more on this, or to learn about any of our classic car restoration parts or services, speak to our team at Andersen Restoration Parts today.