Spring Maintenance Tips for a Classic Vehicle

Spring Maintenance Tips for a Classic Vehicle

Posted by Anderson Restoration Parts on 21st Apr 2023

For many classic car owners, the spring period we're just readying to enter is a vital one when it comes to maintenance and upkeep of their cars. Many owners of these vehicles prefer to store them away during the winter to avoid certain risks, and the springtime when they're brought back out and "re-energized" for the upcoming season is a very important one.

At Andersen Restoration Parts, we pride ourselves in providing classic car owners with any kind of parts or equipment they may need to restore or maintain a classic vehicle, from control arm bumper sets and shaft kits to suspension kits, ball joint sets and much more. Here are some simple areas of spring maintenance you should definitely be considering for your classic car.

Engine Oil and Coolant

Over the long winter period, engine oil and coolant can become stale or contaminated, so both should be replaced before you start your vehicle again in the spring. Additionally, many classic car owners opt to replace their air filters during this time as well.

As you're doing this, be sure to check for any signs of leaks or corrosion that could be indicative of a larger problem. These are more likely to show up during a prolonged period of storage during the winter, so it's important to address them during the spring season.

Tires and Wheels

Your tires should be checked for proper tread depth, inflation levels and any potential signs of damage such as bulges or cracks in the rubber surface. All of these can lead to a dangerous situation when you're out on the road with your classic car, so it's important to address them with any necessary repairs or replacements as soon as possible.

Similarly, the wheels of your classic car should be checked for any signs of wear or damage that may have occurred during storage. If you need to replace any wheel hardware, you can find a wide selection of options here at Andersen Restoration Parts.

Battery Checks

Another vital part of spring maintenance for classic car owners is to check the condition and charge levels of the battery. If you've been storing your vehicle all winter, then it's possible that the battery may have lost some charge due to a lack of use.

In any case, be sure to properly inspect and recharge your battery before you start taking your classic car out for a drive. This will help to ensure that you don't encounter any issues when you're on the road.

Belt and Hose Connections

Most classic cars have several belts and hoses that should be inspected regularly - even more often than on modern vehicles, in fact. This is because they tend to crack more easily due to age and wear.

Be sure to check the tightness of all the connecting belts and hoses, as well as their condition for any signs of cracks or splits. If you find any issues here, then it's best to have them replaced before driving your car again.

Brake Inspection

As you're readying your classic car for the upcoming season, it's also important to check the brakes. This includes both hydraulic lines and brake pads, which should be inspected for any signs of wear or damage.

It's also a good idea to replace brake fluid at this time, as it can become contaminated over time. Additionally, you may need to adjust the brakes to ensure that they are operating at maximum performance once you're out on the road.

Driveline Maintenance

The driveline of your classic car is another area that should be inspected during the springtime. This includes checking the condition and level of the transmission fluid, as well as any other driveline components such as axles and driveshafts.

If you find any issues with these parts, then it's best to have them repaired or replaced before taking your classic car out for a drive.

Lights - Both Inside and Outside

Another important area of spring maintenance is to check your lights. This includes both interior and exterior lights, which should be inspected for any signs of wear or damage.

In addition, make sure that all the bulbs are working properly, as faulty lighting can be a safety hazard when you're out on the road.

Basic Cleaning

While this is more optional, it's still a good idea to give your classic car a thorough cleaning before you take it out for the upcoming season. This includes both exterior and interior surfaces, which should be wiped down with proper cleaners and waxed to protect against any potential damage from dirt or moisture. By doing this, you can help keep your classic car looking its best for the upcoming season.

These are just a few of the essential maintenance tasks that you should consider when readying your classic car for spring. It's important to pay attention to these items before taking your vehicle out on the road, as they can help to ensure that your classic car remains in top condition throughout the upcoming season.

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