Writing an Effective Sales Ad for Your Classic Car

Writing an Effective Sales Ad for Your Classic Car

Posted by Anderson Restoration Parts on 17th Mar 2023

Whether you're a regular trader of classic cars or in some other situation involving a classic vehicle, the need to sell such a car may arise. And while there are several important areas you'll want to cover if you're going this route, one of the first to think about is creating an ad or group of ads that will help get the word out.

At Andersen Restoration Parts, we're here to help with all things classic cars. Our selection of classic car restoration parts is unmatched, and includes everything from control arms and idler arms to ball joint sets, suspension kits and bushings, and more. Here are some general tips we offer to clients who are creating ads for the sale of a classic car in any format.

Which Medium Should You Use?

For those looking to sell a classic car, the best medium for advertising will depend on the owner's preference, budget and the audience they are hoping to reach. For example, ads placed in a print publication will likely be seen by those with an interest in classic cars who subscribe to that magazine or newspaper.

On the other hand, online ads have potential to reach more people but also come with the risk of scams and inquiries from lowballers. If you choose to go this route, be sure your advertisement includes clear contact information or a link to a website that describes the car in detail.

Take Quality Photos

No matter what medium you choose, quality photos are essential for an effective ad. Include as many shots as you can—both from the exterior and interior—to give potential buyers an idea of the condition of the vehicle. Be sure to include any unique features or accessories that come with the car.

As you're taking photos, you should also think about the background and staging. The classic car should be clearly visible in the images, so avoid shooting pictures against busy or cluttered backgrounds.

If you're going to be posting your ad online, you might even think about taking things a step further and utilizing a short video to highlight the car. You could circle the exterior and interior of the car, point out its features, and provide a brief overview of why it's special.

Include Details

Whether you choose to advertise in print or online, be sure your ad contains all the essential information about the car. Some details you should include are:

  • Year, make and model
  • Condition of the car
  • Number of miles on the odometer
  • Any upgrades or modifications
  • Location and contacting information

You may also want to include a brief description of the car to give buyers an idea of its value.

Don't Use Confusing Language

Even if you're an expert in classic cars and their terminology, some of your prospective buyers might not be - and you don't want to confuse them with jargon or overly technical language. Keep the ad easy to read and understand, while also making sure you cover all of the important details.

For instance, if you're describing the car's condition, avoid saying things like "excellent mechanicals" and instead provide a more detailed description of any work that's been done on the engine or other components.

Always Be Honest

Some people try to game the system by inflating the value of a classic car in order to get more money out of it. But while this tactic may seem tempting, it's never a good idea. Instead, you should always be honest and up-front about the condition of the vehicle in your advertisement.

Never try to hide any flaws or problems as buyers may discover them when they inspect the car in person. Ultimately, you'll want your buyer to be satisfied with their purchase and be more likely to recommend you as a seller.

Check Your Spelling and Grammar

You want to come off as professional and reputable, so make sure you check the spelling and grammar of your ad before publishing or submitting it. Typos and mistakes can give potential buyers the impression that the car isn't well-maintained or cared for. Also, be sure to proofread the description of your classic car several times to make sure all facts are accurate.

Some people reading your ad will be turned off if the ad looks sloppy or is riddled with errors.

Set A Fair Price

When setting a price for your classic car, you'll want to consider factors such as its condition and any upgrades or modifications that have been done. Also take into account what similar cars in the same market are going for so that you can set a fair and competitive price.

Finally, you may want to be a bit flexible with your price and include phrases such as "open to reasonable offers" or "make me an offer." This way, buyers will have the chance to negotiate, while also giving you room to make a nice profit.

For more on how to craft an ideal ad for your classic car if you're selling it, or for information about any of our classic car restoration parts or services, speak to our team at Andersen Restoration Parts today.