Most Common Replacement Parts for Classic Auto Restoration

Posted by Anderson Restoration Parts on 15th Jan 2021

If you are a classic car buff, you may have already tried your hand at restoring one or two salvaged autos to their former cherry conditions. Alternatively, this could be your first foray into the exciting realm of classic car restoration. 

Whether you are retired and working full-time on your project or a weekend warrior who does a little here and there, each restoration is going to be different based on the condition of the vehicle being restored. But some commonalities of the restoration  process remain the same.

For instance, certain classic car restoration parts are more commonly needed for successful restorations. Assuming that you already have a chassis and an engine for your project, we will review some of the most common classic car restoration parts below.

Front-End Rebuild Kits

Is your dream restoration project car a 60s cherry red Mustang? If it is, there is a really good chance that you will need to find and acquire a front-end rebuild kit. The older the Mustang, the likelier it is that this part will be needed for your classic car restoration project.

Got a Dodge Charger Coronet languishing in your garage that needs a lot of TLC before it’s street legal? A black polyurethane new front end suspension rebuild kit is just what the doctor ordered to get you ever closer to your classic auto restoration goals.

Tie Rod Steering Rebuild Kit

Ford Thunderbirds are among some of the more popular classic cars for DIY restoration projects. Unfortunately, most seem to require tie rod steering rebuild kits

If the T-bird you plan to restore is running, you can tell right away that you will need to replace the tie rod steering because the steering wheel vibrates excessively. This is most noticeable when you attempt to turn the wheel. You can also often tell from vibrations in the tires themselves that this part needs to be replaced.

Even if it is not immediately noticeable because the Thunderbird isn’t running, since this is a common part that needs replacing on most restoration projects, it’s prudent to go ahead and purchase the rebuild kit while the car is stripped down anyway. That will save you a lot of time and aggravation later when the inevitable occurs.

Rear-End Suspension Bushing Kits

Maybe you’re an Impala guy. Chances are good that you will need to pony up for a rear- end suspension bushing kit. Buying this kit certainly won’t break the bank, but it surely will improve the eventual ride once you hit the streets in your newly-restored classic car in all its glory.

Ford Lincoln Mercury Strut Rod Kits

Your restoration project will not be complete without a strut rod kit for your Ford Lincoln Mercury. When it comes to classic car restoration parts, struts are vital for a smooth and effortless ride.

Where to Turn for the Classic Car Restoration Parts You Need

When you are looking for a chassis or an engine, there is nothing wrong with scouring the “For Sale” sections of your local paper or online source. After all, you have to start somewhere, right?

Some classic car restoration buffs haunt the local junkyards so frequently that they develop relationships with the managers. They can then get a “heads-up” phone call when their targeted classic car turns up in the junkyard.

But if you intend to ride in the car after the restoration is complete, you want to ensure that the parts you installed haven’t decayed, rusted, or otherwise deteriorated. 

Buy From the Experts at Classic Car Restoration

After more than three decades of helping classic car buffs find single parts or complete restoration kits for muscle cars and American classics from the golden years of the automobiles — the 50s, 60s, and 70s — we at A-Resto-Parts know a thing or two about the classic car restoration business.

We sell only parts and kits that have met or exceeded the specs for OEM. We don’t believe in price-gouging either, so you know that you will always drive away from A-Resto-Parts with the best deals available in the classic car restoration parts industry.

No matter at what stage you are on your classic car restoration project, if you need a kit or part, hit us up first. You’ll be glad you did when you’re cruising down the highway in your restored classic automobile.